Minggu, 20 Januari 2013

Nice, Hope that I can see the sun rise next day!!

Look!!! How bad my title is. Well, It's not really different with my teenager life.
I doubt that I'm just a student. It seems like I'm a, you know, super super busy student.
FYI, I'll teach some monsters tomorrow. I have to do a lot of assignments. I have to do a lot of things for tomorrow. And there's nothing I can do about it.
All the thing I know is it's a busy time.
I can't believe that I can finish all task that my teachers gave.
Ah, and The most difficult task is, making an amateur movie. Hei, I'm not an art director, remember? And all my team just give the assignment to make the story. I'll die. Yeah, I should be an actress and art director at the same time. isn't that hard? I mean, when all the people enjoy the weekend, all the things I could do just sit in front of this laptop and force my stupid brain to arrange the story. And when I got the story, even another stories (in another team) is better than mine. I tried to change my story but I got stuck in the moment.
So, whose fault is this?? I really need spare time now. I even can't finish my novel.
Really, is anyone here want to help me?? Actually I have to do some works, but I need rest, so I just write here without any reason, and even any idea to write, i mean to type. but, yeah, finally I wrote this.

Actually it's too late to post these photos. They were taken in the end of 2012. Yeah, so long time ago. The Red Cross at my school had a training for the new members. And you know?? I'm a chairman of the committee!! Couldn't believe it? Yeah, me too. But that's the fact. that's the firt time I had a responsibility as big as that. That's why I want you to know how the event is. Check it out!! :)

Kamis, 22 November 2012

Library Case Lost At USU

Siang, pukul 11.30
Dengan modal keberanian, untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup saya dan teman saya, Eka, naik angkot ke USU tanpa didampingi orangtua demi mengikuti lomba news reading.

Setelah berganti angkot 2 kali, dan *lega* kami tahu di mana tempat pendaftarannya. That's about 12.30.
And the TM was about 3 o'clock.

So, after registrated, we decided to walk around USU. Until we found The LIBRARY. Since we love book very much, we decided to go there. With knowing nothing, we entered that building.

I just still looking at the library, but suddenly, Eka shouted, "Oh, My, Where's my laptop? I put it in my laptoop bag! I left it!!" with her panic face. Of course, automatically, I followed her out of the library with my panic mode. but, I started to remember that Eka didn't bring her laptop.

"Eka, I think you didn't bring your laptop."
"of course I didn't."
So, why??"
"I did it because I saw a notice that we have to have a KTM (Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa). So, I don't want to embrass ourselves. So I started to acting."
"Well, then," then I started to follow her acting. "Eka, where did you put your bag lastly?"
"I don't know. Let's find it" And we went out of that building. hell yeahh...!!
Oh, damn! That was a funniest experience I've ever have. I will never forget it until I become a granny.

That was What happen to us. I, we really enjoyed it.


Rabu, 21 November 2012

Introduction about me and my friend~

Hello!!! ^^
This is the 3 blog I've ever made. But, I will make sure that just this one is active. You know why? Because I always forget the password. Hell yeah, I'm a forgetful one.... >,<

For the first post, I'll post some pictures that my friends and I made in class. 

Nsca and I

Mitha, me, and mutya
Nisca and I again

Me, but suddenly, Eka appeared. hahaha... it makes me laugh

there's snow in our class
mitha, mutya, me, and iqbal. uhh... so cool :)

Well, that's just a few pictures. There's more. I'll post it soon. 
See ya...^^
Anneyong Haseo!!!!