Rabu, 21 November 2012

Introduction about me and my friend~

Hello!!! ^^
This is the 3 blog I've ever made. But, I will make sure that just this one is active. You know why? Because I always forget the password. Hell yeah, I'm a forgetful one.... >,<

For the first post, I'll post some pictures that my friends and I made in class. 

Nsca and I

Mitha, me, and mutya
Nisca and I again

Me, but suddenly, Eka appeared. hahaha... it makes me laugh

there's snow in our class
mitha, mutya, me, and iqbal. uhh... so cool :)

Well, that's just a few pictures. There's more. I'll post it soon. 
See ya...^^
Anneyong Haseo!!!! 

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